Gardiun: more space equals more enjoyment
Kekai: heat up your home
Bestway: entertainment all year round
Caprizze: joy in the little things
Robincool: active, safe, cool and fun
Chillvert: inspiring spaces
K2O: take your garden space to the next level
Catterhouse: ingenious solutions for happy homes
Kokido: maintenance and care of swimming pools and spas
Keboo: get fit, get fun
Solenny: maximum comfort under the sun



Is there anything better than spending quality time at home? With your family, friends or your preferred company, the best feelings come from the security, safety and comfort of your home. KOVYX wants to be there to help you make those memories. Discover our brands.

An organised home

More space equals more enjoyment

GARDIUN offers the most diverse range of home storage solutions on the market, in all materials and sizes. Sheds, chests, cupboards and more, made from resin, metal and wood… Customers will always find what they are looking for.

Heating / Barbecues

Heat up your home

KEKAI brings together quality, functionality and design in a large range of trending products to keep your home warm during on colder days. The catalogue features low-consumption indoor and outdoor heaters and wood and charcoal burning barbecues for you to cook up a storm. The products appeal for being easy to use and transport, low-maintenance and affordable.

Leisure time

Entertainment all year round

The BESTWAY range features inflatable and demountable products for all the family to enjoy. Above ground pools, inflatable spas, inflatable mattresses, accessories for camping and nautical sports, indoor and outdoor toys…and the list goes on. Everything is designed for maximum enjoyment indoors and outdoors.

Small appliances

Joy in the little things

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. That is why CAPRIZZE products are designed to turn every breakfast into a mood-boosting experience. The range of coffee makers, kettles and toasters will brighten up and lend charm to your kitchen. Create flow with your design choices and enjoy the little things in life with these kitchen appliances.


Active, safe, cool and fun

Children find adventure in the world around them. ROBINCOOL, inspired by the Montessori teaching method, encourages children to explore that world in a safe, fun way, supporting them as they grow with toys that foster active play, shared learning, development and creativity.


Inspiring spaces

CHILLVERT offers a range of furniture to add style and comfort to your home. It includes both indoor and outdoor products, made from materials ranging from natural rattan to eucalyptus wood and styles that go from the traditional and classic to the more daring and innovative.

Leisure time

Take your garden space to the next level

Create a luxurious, relaxing ambience with the K2O range. The demountable pools and inflatable spas with wooden liners are easy to assemble, elevate the space and give it a natural feel so you can enjoy your garden even more. All of this without any building work required and at affordable prices.

An organised home

Ingenious solutions for happy homes

If you are looking for efficient, simple and functional solutions for your home, look no further than the CATTERHOUSE range. It features space-saving shelves for a more organised home right through to all types of ladders, stools and others. The products are versatile and varied to meet any needs.

Leisure time

Maintenance and care of swimming pools and spas

Get the most out of your pool or spa with the KOKIDO range. The brand’s diverse catalogue includes innovative solutions that use the latest technology to help you keep your above-ground or in-ground pool or spa in tip-top condition. You will find the most basic to the most sophisticated accessories, cleaning equipment, lighting solutions, solar-powered showers, and much more.


Get fit, get fun

With the right equipment, anything is possible. The extensive KEBOO catalogue is designed to grow with you as you progress, including static and spinning bikes, treadmills, boxing equipment, multi-gyms and a variety of accessories. Each different range adapts to the individual’s needs and level. Start your fitness journey with KEBOO!

Leisure time

Maximum comfort under the sun

The SOLENNY brand specialises in lightweight, comfortable chairs that are easy to carry about, so you can fully enjoy the outdoors. The different models feature different positions to adapt to the customer’s needs, so they can sit back and relax any time.

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