Must-haves of the season: Enjoy the outdoors this summer with Bestway

Spa nights, pool parties, and days spent outdoors. No matter what your dream vacation looks like, with Bestway you can live summer your way.

If you’re still unsure where to start planning activities to stay refreshed during the hottest months, here are some ingredients that will help you create the best vacation.

Summer isn’t complete without a pool

A day by the pool is always appealing, whether you’re going to the beach, your parents’ house, or staying in the city.

Get ready to splash around whenever you want and at any time with an above-ground pool. These pool models have the advantage that you can set them up during the summer and store them away for the next year once the season is over.

You will find options for kids, adults, steel pools, or inflatable pools. If you have a backyard or terrace with a level surface and the capacity to support the total weight of the pool, there’s no excuse to hold you back. This year, you can be the friend with a pool.

Spa nights under the stars

After a busy day at the pool, is there anything better than unwinding in a bath surrounded by bubbling massages? That’s precisely what you’ll get with a spa.

These hot tubs allow you to control the water temperature to your liking. And since they are inflatable, you can set them up and take them down whenever you prefer.

Explore the selection of LayZSpa products we have available. There are models with LED lights, controllable through an app, and with different massage systems. But they will all gift you that moment of relaxation we all seek when summer arrives.

Want to elevate the experience even more? The models with Full Surround or Half Surround lining are for you. A border made of rattan that will increase your comfort and add more elegance to the space.

Inflatables for every taste

The stars of the summer! Inflatables are everyone’s favorite accessories when the good weather arrives.

They accompany us to the beach, the pool, delight both young and old, and they also look spectacular in photos.

We know you want a flashy, colorful, summery, and unique design. That’s why we have a variety of shapes and designs, ranging from classic pool mats that will help you relax on the water and under the sun, to fun models of flamingos, ducks, or even your favorite cocktail!

Summer isn’t complete without music

The longer days are here, and with them, cities are filled with concerts, festivals, and outdoor music everywhere. You can also fill your pool and spa days with rhythm with the right accessories. And the best part is, you’ll be the DJ.

Bestway’s floating LED Bluetooth speaker is ideal because you can even have it in the pool. Set it up, create your playlist, and start providing the soundtrack for your summer days.

Lighting for the nights

In summer, the pleasant weather invites you to continue enjoying conversations and good moments outdoors with the company you prefer. But to achieve that, you’ll need the right lighting that suits the season.

And you’ll find a variety of options to do so, whether it’s a spa with multicolored LED lights like our Tahiti Airjet™ model, an LED light fountain for your pool or spa that you can configure according to your preferences, or even a waterfall for your spa.

Accessories are on-trend. You just have to choose the best ones for you and create the perfect ambiance for your enjoyment.

Snacks, drinks, and refreshments

Get ready for the longer days with snacks and drinks always within reach. You can do it with any of our inflatables that are part of the Coolerz range. In addition to lounging on them, they also have space for you to keep your refreshments with you at the perfect temperature.

Also, take a look at the inflatable coolers. Easy to transport, comfortable, practical, and with various designs so you can find the perfect one for you.

And if you want to always have your drink with you, try our floating cup holders. Your beverages will stay afloat in the water and always be safe.

Are you ready for an amazing summer? Start enjoying an unforgettable experience.

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