How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer. 10 Eco-Friendly Tips

Have you notice it yet? Summer has arrived! And with it, the high temperatures are also here.

But don’t get heated! We’re here to share a few simple and highly effective tricks that will help you know how to keep your house cool in summer and create a pleasant temperature inside during these hot days. Moreover, they will benefit the environment and your wallet as well.

Here are our 10 eco-friendly tips to keep your house cool in summer

Strategic Ventilation

Take advantage of the cooler hours of the day, such as the morning and evening, to ventilate your home. Open the windows and create cross breezes, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the house.

Keep Blinds or Curtains Closed During the Day

When the sun is at its highest point, keeping blinds or curtains closed helps block external heat and keep your home cooler. If the curtains are light-colored or have thermal coating, this trick’s effectiveness increases.

Use Awnings or Umbrellas

If you have a patio, garden, or terrace, install awnings or umbrellas to protect yourself from direct sunlight. This will help reduce the amount of heat entering your house, allowing you to enjoy a cooler and more pleasant space.

Replace Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs emit a significant amount of heat, raising the room’s temperature. Replace your bulbs with LED lights, which generate less heat and consume less energy.

Create Indoor Shaded Areas

Can’t avoid direct sun exposure in certain areas of your home? Create shaded spaces with indoor plants or screens to block direct sunlight. You’ll notice a reduction in the feeling of stuffiness.

Minimize the Use of Appliances

Washing machines, ovens, and dryers generate heat when in use. Try to use them as little as possible during the hottest hours of the day. It’s better to use low-temperature programs or run them at night.

Proper Insulation

Good insulation can help maintain a cool temperature in your house. Ensure that doors and windows are well sealed. Have you considered installing additional insulation in the roof and walls to prevent heat entry? A good solution is to cover your facade with ivy. This plant acts as a natural insulator and will make your house look beautiful as well.

Regular Watering

Another foolproof tip is to water the terrace, balcony, or refresh surfaces surrounding your house, especially if they’ve been directly exposed to sunlight. You’ll quickly feel a wave of freshness.

Prepare Cold Dishes

High temperatures change our usual pace of life. We need to adjust our habits and, of course, our diet to combat dehydration, fatigue, and heat.

Use Fans

Fans are an excellent alternative to cool the air, and if they’re eco-friendly, even better. Place fans strategically in rooms to increase air circulation and create a sensation of freshness.

Now you have several ideas on how to keep your house cool in summer. Try these tricks, and you’ll surely discover which ones work best for your home. Don’t let the summer heat stop you from enjoying this season to the fullest!

Eco-Friendly Fans by Kekai: Sustainable Freshness for Your Home

When searching for solutions on how to keep your house cool during summer, it’s important to consider options that are environmentally friendly.

That’s why Kekai is expanding its product range with its new collection of “eco-friendly” ceiling fans featuring direct current (DC) motors. Their energy consumption is 70% lower than non-eco fans.

What features do these types of fans have?

Energy Efficiency

Kekai fans use direct current (DC) motors instead of alternating current (AC) motors, allowing them to consume less energy. This not only helps reduce your electricity bill but also contributes to decreasing your home’s carbon footprint.

Smart Design

They have a smart design that maximizes air circulation and performance.

Thanks to the shape of their aerodynamic blades and motor configuration, these fans provide a refreshing airflow throughout the room without the need for high speeds that consume more energy. Furthermore, if you set your eco-friendly fan to “summer mode,” its blades will rotate counterclockwise, pushing air downwards and creating a cool and continuous breeze.

Programmable Functions

They are equipped with programmable functions that allow you to customize their operation according to your needs. You can set timers for them to automatically turn off after a certain time or use the oscillation mode to evenly distribute the air throughout the room. These functions help optimize energy consumption.

Silence and Comfort

In addition to being eco-friendly, Kekai fans stand out for their silent operation. These fans produce minimal noise, allowing you to enjoy a cool and peaceful environment in your home without any disturbance.

With Kekai’s eco-friendly fans, you will know how to keep your house cool in summer responsibly while contributing to the planet’s protection and fully enjoying the summer. If you’re interested in selling our products, feel free to contact us here.


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