Garden Sheds. A place for everything and everything in its place

If order is essential inside your house, it is also important outside, like on your terrace, porch, or garden. The more we live, the more things we unconsciously accumulate, and we think, “I need more space,” but what we really need is fewer things and better organization.

As Marie Kondo says, “Organization starts with elimination.” Get rid of what is not valuable and organize what is. Now the question is, how?

Good organization creates more space

Well-organized spaces give a sense of peace and appear larger. And they truly are because when you organize properly, you gain square footage.

A GARDIUN garden shed can be a small place to store gardening tools like fertilizers, seeds, or equipment. If it has shelves, even better, as it helps you keep everything in its place. But a garden shed can also transform into a changing room for pool-goers if placed near the swimming pool. It can be a playhouse for children, or if it’s large with adjustable shelves, it can store an inflatable pool, its accessories, lawn mowers, bicycles, and even sleds.

It’s clear that setting aside space for keeping everything in order is necessary, and GARDIUN offers a wide range of models and sizes so that you can choose the option that best fits your space and lifestyle.

Square meters dedicated to order

GARDIUN is currently the most comprehensive brand in the garden organization market because it is the only one that offers products in three materials: wood, resin, and metal.

Choosing a garden shed requires considering where you live. Why? Because being outdoors, depending on whether it rains more or gets hotter, you may be more interested in one material over another.

The material that constructs order

Wood. Wooden garden sheds are very resistent, convey warmth, and require periodic maintenance to prevent deterioration. At the very least, they should be treated with an exterior protector to keep them waterproofed. They are multi-purpose.

Metal. Metal garden sheds are lighter, have an industrial feel, and are usually made of steel. They are waterproof, resistant to impacts, corrosion, moisture, and sudden temperature changes. They are primarily used for tool storage.

Resin. Resin garden sheds adapt to any environment, are water-resistant, perfect for very hot or humid climates. They do not fade or deteriorate. They are lightweight yet durable. They are easy to assemble and transport, even once constructed.

And now that you have all the information, you just need to decide which shed to purchase to gain space in your garden, porch, or patio.

Or if you want to collaborate with us and learn more about the GARDIUN collection, you can contact our sales team by clicking here.

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