Honoring their philosophy of helping you create spaces at home to enjoy and relax with your family, KEKAI refreshes its offering in the home market.

Now, KEKAI expands its product range with its new collection of “eco-friendly” ceiling fans.

What does “eco-friendly” mean? KEKAI’s new “eco” ceiling fans have direct current (DC) motors that are more efficient because they consume 70% less energy than conventional fans.

Moreover, they include LED lights and are capable of being as effective as conventional fans while consuming only one-third of the energy. A great option for reducing the energy bill, don’t you think?

New times are coming. New winds are blowing

The word “fan” may initially remind us of an object from the past, but the truth is that this machine, already invented in Ancient Greece, has successfully evolved both in performance and design over time. That’s why its variety of styles makes it easy to integrate them into any decorative project nowadays.

But exactly, how can a KEKAI ceiling fan improve your well-being at home today?

The new models are extremely silent, as all of them have direct current (DC) motors that are quieter than conventional (AC) ones. Yes, they are ultra silent (at maximum power 48dB), making them perfect for cooling bedrooms and living rooms while respecting your rest and that of your family. Their DC motor and the design of their ultra-light blades generate minimal noise.

They are excellent for conditioning spaces of approximately 13m² to 25m² and feature 6 speeds to generate different airflow patterns.

The entire collection includes an 18W LED light function, which can work independently from the fan function.

Choose between warm, cool, or neutral light temperature to adapt the lighting in your home to every moment of your life.

You can put your house in “summer mode” or “winter mode” simply by changing the rotation direction of the blades. Do you know how the dual-direction or reverse rotation function works? If you choose summer mode, the blades rotate counterclockwise, pushing the air downward and creating a cool breeze. If you prefer winter mode, the blades rotate clockwise, creating an upward current that pushes the warm air, which is near the ceiling, throughout the room.

All KEKAI fans can be controlled remotely, so you won’t have to get out of bed or off the sofa to increase or decrease their speed or program the timer from 1 to 4 hours. Convenient, isn’t it?

The SIROCO DC models or the TRAMONTANA DC can be controlled and programmed via your mobile phone from anywhere, thanks to the TUYA APP compatible with your SMART devices, allowing you to connect it to Alexa, Google, or Siri.

Now you can integrate your ceiling fan with light and remote control into your home automation system.

Choose a LEVANTE DC, MISTRAL DC, SIROCO DC, or TRAMONTANA DC and give your home the air you love. Or if you want to sell our products, you can contact us here.

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