One shelf, different functionalities. What can you do with a Catterhouse shelf?

Nowadays, keeping an organized house can seem like a dream. With the daily rush, the number of tools and utensils we have at home, and space limitations, it’s common to face cluttered areas with objects that we don’t know where to store.

With Catterhouse’s offer, you will find a simple, quick, and effective solution. Thanks to its extensive catalog, Catterhouse has positioned itself as a brand where you will find what you need to have any space organized.

And the best part? No need to drill holes in the wall or perform installation work. Therefore, they are viable options for both those looking for a professional use and for those who need shelves in their rental home.

The possibilities for using a Catterhouse shelf are limitless. They can serve as many functions as your storage needs require.

Here are some ideas we’d like to share with you.

Keep the order at all times

There’s always a space at home that, no matter how much we clean it, ends up messy. It could be the kitchen, the kids’ room, or even the bathroom. Choosing the right shelf can be the practical storage solution you’re looking for.

At Catterhouse, you will find different models with three or four shelves and the capacity to hold weights ranging from 35 to 50 kg, depending on the selected product.

Moreover, there is a variety of sizes. You can place them in the bathroom to organize the closet or in a kitchen. The versatility of these shelves offers endless options.

You will also find foldable models or ones with wheels that facilitate their transport and can be locked once you decide on the corner where you’ll place them.

Give a twist to the living room decor

Every home is unique. And the way its spaces are decorated says a lot about the style and tastes of those who live there. With the right shelf, you can add those finishing touches that will truly convey your essence and personality in a room.

The most creative individuals can use the shelves as decorative elements. They are perfect for displaying everything from book collections to paintings, portraits, or even plants. It will be an extra space for self-expression and letting your imagination flow.

A corner filled with nature

Create your own vertical garden within the spaces of a shelf. All you need to do is place pots of different sizes between the shelves and watch as vegetation finds its way into your home.

For the professionals

The most common use for Catterhouse shelves. If your intention is to use the shelf professionally, you will find the right product to store work tools or create your own showroom.

No closet, no problem

The closet is a key piece of the home. If you are moving to a new place or your room is to small for this furniture, the shelf can be the perfect complement to store textiles, bedding, cushions, or even be placed next to the home’s entrance as a space to leave footwear after arriving home.

Create your own personal bar at home

For the connoisseurs. Portable shelf models of shorter height will be perfect to complete a personal bar. Just place your favorite drink bottles on it and a tray with an ice bucket, glasses, or any other accessories you desire.

With this, you’ll already have a corner for enjoyment without making a major investment. There are as many options as situations you can imagine, and models with features that adapt to each of the needs.

Are you a retailer? With Catterhouse, you can offer a varied selection for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. And all in one place. Would you like to sell Catterhouse shelves? Click here for more information.

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