K2O glams up the best spas. Your relaxation space at home

The atmosphere is gentle, the temperature is perfect, and the bubbles dance in the water. It’s time to immerse yourself and disconnect.

K2O presents its rattan frames for inflatable spas so you can have a true wellness experience in your garden, on your porch, in your attic, or on your urban terrace.

To relax with your partner on a starry night, to watch a sunset with friends, to rest with family or alone and in peace.

Unique combinations designed to enjoy your spa moment at home.

Glam up your inflatable spa with rattan

Rattan is a trend in garden and terrace furniture. K2O has joined this preference when decorating outdoor spaces of the home, and therefore, has created rattan franes for inflatable spas that perfectly match chairs, tables, loungers…

There are two versions: “Full Surround 180.” An excellent solution to fully surround spas with a diameter of 180 cm or cover up to half with the “Half Surround 180” model.

Each of them offers different functionalities. Choose the one that suits your style the most!

Can you imagine yourself relaxing among comfortable cushions on the bench that comes with the “Half Surround 180” model, while enjoying a cocktail before immersing yourself again in bubbles? This option has a step that allows you to enter and exit the spa more easily.

And it has an area designed to store all the things you need to enjoy your moments of relaxation.

Or you can choose the “Full Surround 180” model, with which you can enjoy your moments of relaxation with everything within reach, as it has a storage area. Additionally, it has extra space where the filter pump can be hidden.

Thus, your rattan-framed inflatable spa will look incredible in the space you have reserved for it in your home and become the key piece of your home decor.

Benefits of having an outdoor spa with rattan

The good weather is here. The days get longer, and the hours of sunshine are best enjoyed outdoors. Moments to get lost gazing at a landscape, to disconnect, to let yourself go and relax among bubbles. Or to contemplate a sunset while hundreds of water jets massage your body. Pure luxury for your senses.

Considering all the experiences you can have in an inflatable spa, K2O has designed its frames by choosing a material like rattan, which is resistant to weather conditions, such as rain, or fading caused by the sun’s rays over time. Both models withstand high and low temperatures well, making them perfect for outdoor use.

K2O frames are perfect for any 180 cm diameter inflatable spa model. The walls of the portable spas are made of ultra-durable DuraPlus™ material, offering complete weather resistance and puncture resistance.

All its functions are well thought out, such as the Freeze Shield™ automatic heating that prevents water from freezing and damaging the spa, or the ChemConnect™ chlorine dispenser that keeps the water clean. At night, use the included cover to prevent debris from accumulating in the water.

Moreover, they are energy-efficient! How is that possible? Thanks to the Freeze Shield technology and their timer-controlled heating system.

Inflatable spas and rattan frames from K2O. A perfect duo! Have you chosen yours yet? Or perhaps you prefer to sell our products? If so, contact us here.

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