How to ensure a safe play area at home?

Children, being natural explorers, are constantly discovering the world around them. Exploration is key to their growth, development of fine and gross motor skills, and evolution of their own personality. And it is of great importance that they have a suitable space at home to do so.

We share some tips to achieve it.

Consider the predominant material in the space

The materials used in the furniture or toys present in the space have a significant impact. Some of them are safer for children than others.

It is necessary to ensure that there are no materials such as glass that could pose a potential risk or cause accidents.

The Montessori method, an educational approach inspired by the research of Maria Montessori, can be a great foundation when equipping a child’s room or play area. It aims to provide children with autonomy to develop their own skills and abilities.

Within this method, wood is the central material in all educational or recreational spaces. The child can explore its texture, the different shapes of objects, and be more connected to the surrounding environment.

Prepare the space according to their needs

When creating this space, always keep in mind that it is for the child, not the adult. Furniture and toys that are appropriate for the child’s height and age should prevail so that they can easily access and manipulate them without requiring assistance from their parents or caregivers.

This will help them gain self-confidence, choose activities freely each day, and even organize the space in the most comfortable way for them.

Spaces prepared for their needs don’t have to be limited to the play area alone. Their bedroom can also be prepared accordingly, with beds at floor level that they can easily access when they feel tired.

Another piece of furniture specially designed to meet the child’s needs is the learning tower. With it, the child can be at the same height as an adult and participate or accompany them in other daily activities. Each of the routine activities for an adult is an exciting adventure for children as they try to discover and understand the world around them.

Keep an eye on them

Even though the space is prepared for the child, supervision and the presence of an adult are always necessary.

The caregiver becomes a guide who can provide direction or support to the child without imposing. Despite taking a backseat, their presence is important to ensure safe play.

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