Features of inflatable spas that you will love

Want to experience a moment of relaxation at home? It is definitely possible! That’s precisely what Lay-Z-Spa inflatable spas propose: having a space in your home to disconnect from the fast-paced rhythm and dedicate yourself to your well-being.

Rest and massages. Spas offer many benefits in one product, making them allies for both physical and emotional health.

Here are some of their most appealing features.

Practicality, variety, and versatility

The main advantage of inflatable spas is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. You can store them whenever you want and move them to a different location if necessary.

Moreover, the pump of these spas allows for automatic and quick inflation of the product, so once it is filled with water, you don’t have to do anything else. They come in different sizes to fit the space you have.

Affordable for all budgets

Inflatable spas are more affordable than building, installing, and maintaining a hot tub at home.

And their maintenance is simple. This is an important step for any spa owner to keep the water safe for immersion and the spa protected, free from algae or other elements that could damage it or shorten its lifespan.

Variety of designs

Creating an oasis at home is easy when you have the right spa. But it’s even easier when the spa is designed to blend in with the home decor.

You’ll find a variety of designs, patterns, and even models with LED lights so that you can create the desired ambiance, whether it’s for relaxation or for unforgettable nights with friends.

The experience will be delivered with Lay-Z-Spa.

Enhanced durability

A single spa will accompany you for several years.

Lay-Z-Spa models are designed with Duraplus™ or Tritech™ material, both built with multiple layers of PVC and polyester to ensure greater resistance to possible punctures or tears. It even helps the spa maintain its shape after multiple inflations and deflations without any inconvenience.

Diverse massage systems

Water or air jets will release bubbles that will massage your entire body and muscles. It all depends on the system the selected spa model has:

  • Hydrojet: Releases water jets through its nozzles.
  • Airjet: Surrounds you with bubbles of warm air released from the bottom of the spa.
  • Hydrojet Pro: Combines both systems to offer both forms of relaxation.
  • Airjet Plus: Bubbles are released from the center and sides of the spa to massage your legs and back, providing a unique relaxation experience.

And the best part? You can use it all year round!

Lay-Z-Spa features integrated FreezeShield™ technology. This function automatically activates when the external temperature drops below 6ºC and moderately heats the spa to prevent water or components from freezing.

When the temperature reaches 10ºC, the FreezeShield™ system automatically turns off to avoid overheating. This function, combined with the cover included with the spas, helps maintain the optimal water temperature and facilitates energy savings, reducing the cost of your electricity bill.

It will be a product that allows you to relax whenever you want, at any time of the year, and without worries.

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